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Lazy Days - Detoxifying Seaweed Bath from Voya

Lazy Days - Detoxifying Seaweed Bath from Voya

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As featured in Vogue, VOYA’s detoxifying seaweed bath utilizes the natural power of wild Irish seaweed to deeply moisturise and purify your skin, and promote rejuvenation. This wellbeing treatment will induce a sense of relaxation and stimulate your skin, supporting regeneration and renewal. For beautifully soft skin discover the restorative power of organic Irish seaweed.  

How to Use


  • For best results soak the seaweed and sea salt in a bath of hot water, ensure that you add cool water if desired to ensure a comfortable bath temperature.
  • The seaweed will naturally hydrate and spring back to life. The hot water will release the plant's alginate properties, squeezing the seaweed will also help to release more gel.
  • You can keep the seaweed in the net or release the seaweed from the net if desired. Take care when entering and leaving the bath as the gel is very slippery.
  • You can reuse this seaweed bath product for 2 consecutive days/baths. If re-using the seaweed store in a basin or keep in a drained bath overnight, add in the extra sachet of salt during bath preparation.




  • Hydrates and moisturises nails, hair, and skin.
  • Soothes body aches and pains. 
  • Helps against the signs of skin aging and cellulite.




  • Suitable for Vegans: Yes
  • Contains Gluten: No
  • Contains Nuts:  Yes
  • Suitable for Pregnancy:  Yes, after the 1st Trimester. All bathing causes your blood pressure to drop, as with any bath treatments during pregnancy keep water warm but not too hot. Overheating may cause you to become lightheaded. Following your bath, get out of the water slowly and carefully.

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    Fucus Serratus*(Hand-Harvested Seaweed), Sodium Chloride. *Organic


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