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Erase Balm Cleanser 100ml - Pestle & Mortar

Erase Balm Cleanser 100ml - Pestle & Mortar

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Erase Balm Cleanser 100ml - Pestle & Mortar

Erase is a lightly scented balm cleanser formulated with hydrating, cleansing and skin- soothing natural oils. Erase thoroughly removes all traces of make-up and grime form the skin whilst at the same time delivering nourishing and hydrating skin benefits.

√ Makeup removing balm cleanser

√ Hydrating, nourishing & non-greasy

√ Removes all traces of makeup

√ Gently cleanses

√Suitable for all skin types

Erase Balm is formulated using all-natural ingredients. This means that it’s super-nourishing. But it also means that it’s natural-looking because there are no nasty preservatives in there to maintain a consistent texture. It’s produced in small batches so that it’s always as fresh as you deserve. So depending on environmental factors and how it’s feeling at the time, the texture of Erase sometimes varies from batch to batch. Sometimes it’s grainy, oftentimes it’s smooth but rest assured that Erase is always effective and never unkind.

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